Ghate Sazan Iran Group

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Ghate Sazan Iran Company (GSI) was established in 1984 in Mahmoudabad Industrial Zone of Isfahan with the aim of producing various automotive and non-automotive fittings and metal parts. This industrial complex, which operates in an area of ​​1000 meters with 150 manpower, from the very beginning, innovation and creativity in creating a new and efficient product has been part of its policy.

In 2004, with the arrival of five-layer pipes in Iran and application in the country’s facilities and plumbing industry, in the form of a development plan, the relevant products were produced and by providing major parts of the needs of five-layer pipe factories, it was able to Become one of the greatest activists in this field.

History of Ghate Sazan Iran industries

  • Year of establishment of the company

    1984 Year

  • Obtain production licenses

    1984 Year

  • Get quality standard

    1991 Year

  • Get ISO quality management

    2001 Year

  • Obtain CE certification for exporting products

    2010 Year

Some projects implemented

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